I am currently making my way north along the Canal de Bourgogne, a gem of pre-industrial revolution engineering, of more than 250 kilometres in length.

The canal slowly winds along the plains, then rising through a staircase of canal locks looking up to Pouilly en Auxois.

Construction of the canal was started in 1696 and finally finished in the mid 19th century. It changed the face of the local economy and status of the local farms, connecting the region to a network of canals from the north of Europe to the Mediterranean sea.

It’s time to relax in the saddle and let the beautiful countryside pass by en route to Tonnerre.

Today's Route

The city of TONNERRE was the victim of German bombing in June 1940 and Anglo-American bombing on 25 May 1944, which killed 14 people when a church was hit.

At 9:35  12 Liberators dropped 27 tons of bombs intended for the marshalling yard. Two bombs fell on the church where children were preparing their communion. The vault collapsed. Six were killed. Other parts of the city far from the target are heavily affected and there were seven dead and more than sixty wounded.

The inaccuracy of the bombing proved to be a very sad day for the USAAF.

View from the Handlebars

Statistics and Route


Distance - 503Km
Climbing 4649 metres
29 hours in the Saddle
  • Completed
  • To do

Where to Tomorrow?


Tomorrow promises to be hard work! Continuing along the canal de Bourgogne, north via SENS and onto my overnight stop in Veneux-les-Sablons. It’s almost 140km; my longest stage and with a potentially big climb around the village of Cheny.

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The story of this catastrophic failure of this operation has left scars of this small town for many years.

There was little respite even when the town was liberated later that same year. The town was deserted by the Germans when the Americans arrived but as the celebrations commenced a regiment of retreating Germans arrived.

A battle ensued, much of the town was destroyed by fire, and more than 200 civilians were taken, hostage.

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  1. Yo bro!!! Doing well scenery looks magnifique that’s if you have time to see it wooshing past!!! Bon nuit and happy Lycra cycling tomorrow ??
    Love Lycra loving big sis xxxxx??

  2. Ah 140 kms c’est une belle performance ! Pédaler le long du canal ce n’est pas trop
    monotone ? On pense à toi depuis le Gutty.