Inspection Covers

In June I reported the find of two metal circular discs. These were reportedly from the Mosquito DZ636, that crashed in the hills above Ternaud in 1944.

It appears, from examination that these discs are definitely from the Mosquito, a fact confirmed by the Curator in the Archives of the RAF Museum .

Confirmed as Parts of the Mosquito.

The De Havilland part number L9815156L stamped on one of the circular metal plates in the photographs suggests they are inspection covers from one of a Mosquito’s undercarriage doors.

Cover Plate for Undercarriage Doors Mk IV Mosquito

DZ636 was a Mosquito B Mk. IV and from the schedule of spare parts we can see  that L.981515A and L.981516A were the part numbers for the left and right hand undercarriage doors and that L.981515T and L.981516T were cover plates for the left and right hand doors.

Schedule of Spare Parts

Below is  a scan of an illustration from the general technical and descriptive manual for the Mosquito B Mk. IV which shows the location of the two circular inspection covers on the inside of the right hand undercarriage door.

(AP2019D Volume 1 Section 5 Figure 3; RAFM ref. 008860).

Many thanks to the RAF Museum for their very comprehensive response.