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Charles Arsène Victor MARIZY

Charles Arsène Victor MARIZY 1847 - 1930

Marizy Charles Arsène Victor SOURCE: Unknown

It's less confusing if you look at the family tree first.

Charles Arsène Victor MARIZY was the great-grandfather of the last Chamelet Mayor of the 20th Century, Charles Bréchard. 

Charles Arsène MARIZY was M. Bréchard’s grandfather and served as Mayor of Chamelet for the brief period between the death of Mayor THOLIN and Mayor SONNERY in 1943. 

Despite contacting the Mayor of Villars aux Bois, I cannot confirm that the photograph above is Charles Arsène Victor MARIZY. I could ascertain, however, that he was the mayor of Villers-aux-Bois for 38 years. 

Birth 10th October 1847

Charles Arsène Victor MARIZY was born at 6 a.m. on Sunday 10th, October 1847, in the village of Villers-aux-Bois in the Marne Department. It was a village of fewer than 250 inhabitants.

His father, Charles Arséne MARIZY, was 25 and his mother, Constance Valence Isabelle STOURBE, 23. They had been married less than two years, and Charles Junior was their first and only child.

Charles was a tool maker by trade.

Villers-aux-Bois. Naissances an XI-18622 E 745/3Archives départementales de la Marne

Service Militaires

Charles Arsène Victor MARIZY volunteered for military service and served in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 – 1871.

Service Civil

Charles Arsène Victor MARIZY was the Mayor of Villers-aux-Bois in the Marne Department for 38 years, from 18th May 1884 until 8 June 1922.¹



SOURCE - Archives National's de France L1745055


Photo of Charles Arsène Victor MARIZY  – SOURCE Unknown.

Registration of Birth – Villers-aux-Bois. Naissances an XI-18622 E 745/3Archives départementales de la Marne.

Legion d’Honneur Dossier  – Archives National’s de France L1745055

Family Tree – Maire de Villers-aux-Bois, Archives départementales de la Marne et Geneanet.

¹ – With thanks to Frédérique COURTINAT, Secrétariat and Mme Danielle HUGUES, Premier Adjoint, de la Commune de Villers aux Bois (Marne) 

² Thanks to Charles Bréchard for additional inforation and photograph of family grave.

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