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SONNERY becomes Mayor

Chamelet gets a new Mayor.

M. Sonnery is Installed as Mayor. 7th July 1943

Mr. SONNERY is selected as Mayor of Chamelet by the Préfet Délégué of Rhône.

Under the authority of of the Vichy Law of 13th Nov 1941.

Monsieur Sébastien Jean Marie SONNERY was selected as the new Mayor of Chamelet by the Deputy Préfect of Lyon, who at that time was Jean-Baptiste Victor DISSARD.

The Mayor of Chamelet, Charles Arsène MARIZY, had recently resigned and then received letters from the Préfecture accepting his resignation and directing that M. SONNERY would be the new Mayor. It is unclear how much influence the Conseil Municipal had in deciding that SONNERY would be the new Mayor. The Préfect had absolute power in making the decision, but the papers relating to the selection of MARIZY and SONNERY suggest that these men were suggested.

There had been no meetings of the CounseilMunicipalsince 6th December 1942 because of Mayor Tholin’s deteriorating health. The meeting to install SONNERY as the new Mayor was the first Meeting that MARIZY had presided over.

Present at the meeting were:
M. Jean Marie SONNERY
M. Jean Marie DESHAYES
M. Antoine RIVIER

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  • J M Sonnery – – Original source not known
  • J M Sonnery –  Mémorial à Sébastien Jean-Marie SONNERY au cimetière de Chamelet.