The Écrivélo Files

Journeys Through War-Torn Europe by Bike.


Journeys through war-torn Europe on my bike.

This website deals with Chamelet during the Second World War. It follows the stories that started or finished in this small village on the edge of the Beaujolais region of France and tracks them wherever they may lead.

Following those links and connections on my bike has taken me from Lyon to Lincoln and Bron to Bavaria.

There will always be a few more rides to do, a few more people to speak to, and a few more archives to search – all of which I will share on the blog while I prepare the Ecrivelo Book – Journeys through War-torn Europe by Bike.

If humanity is to ensure such dark days are not repeated, then future generations need to know and learn from what happened and why. 

The Écrivélo Files

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Charles Arsène Victor MARIZY

Charles Arsène Victor MARIZY was the great-grandfather of the last Chamelet Mayor of the 20th Century, Charles Bréchard.  Charles Arsène MARIZY was M. Bréchard's grandfather and served as Mayor of Chamelet for the brief period between the death of Mayor THOLIN and Mayor SONNERY in 1943.  Despite contacting the Mayor of Villars aux[...]
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It’s 79 Years Ago Today

I recently wrote an article for the organisation l'Amicale des Anciens des Maquis de l'Azergues. Originally written in French I have reproduced it here as today's anniversary would appear to be a very opportune moment.On 6th June 1944, troops from the UK, France, USA and Canada attacked German forces on[...]
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SONNERY becomes Mayor

Monsieur Sébastien Jean Marie SONNERY was selected as the new Mayor of Chamelet by the Deputy Préfect of Lyon, who at that time was Jean-Baptiste Victor DISSARD. The Mayor of Chamelet, Charles Arsène MARIZY, had recently resigned and then received letters from the Préfecture accepting his resignation and directing that M.[...]
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